Teachers' Perspectives on Inequality of Educational Opportunities, on Low Academic Achievements, and on Remedies to Battle Them

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Children do not have equal educational opportunities. One way to improve equality of opportunities is to use interventions to improve academic achievement of children. Why and when some interventions should be implemented may depend on teachers’ perspectives on the effectiveness of interventions, fixed versus growth mindsets, attributions, and deficit versus difference beliefs. We investigated these perspectives in an online survey. Using Latent Profile Analysis, our sample of 109 teachers seemed to split into two different teacher profiles. One profile (n = 90) mainly had a fixed mindset, a relatively low attribution of low academic achievement to the quality of education, and mainly a deficit belief, whereas the other profile showed an opposite perspectives (n = 19). The second profile expected higher effectiveness of peer coaching of teachers than the first profile. Our findings suggest that teachers think children’s deficits should be reduced, and that teachers should be of high quality.
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