Tony Chocolonely: creating sustainable value in the Netherlands in the chocolate industry and more

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The societal and environmental crises are mainly caused by capitalism, where companies focus on economic growth, neglecting societies and the environment. Sustainability is a solution but is not embraced by the capitalist organisations. An option is sustainable value, bridging capitalism with sustainability. Companies applying the sustainable value framework (SVF), can design sustainable strategies, simultaneously providing shareholder and stakeholder value. The Dutch Sustainability Brand Index suggests listed brands have successfully created it, putting Tony’s Chocolonely in 1st place. Framing can guide collective action, therefore applying the core framing tasks (CFT) with the SVF to this case study, renders a general practical model to create sustainable value in the Netherlands. Tony’s Chocolonely established its business to eradicate slavery and child labour in the cocoa chain industry. Its efforts translate into a successful business model, under Tony´s Open Chain (TOP) and its Five Sourcing Principles, that has inspired others. Such is the case of Albert Heijn, Tony’s first mission ally. This alliance has the power to achieve Tony´s vision of 100% slave free chocolate, based on the strengths and both companies. The general practical model could also be used for other companies, even in other industries, pursuing the creation of sustainable value too.
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