Covid-19 as a career shock and its influence on career development for nurses in the Netherlands

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Even though existing literature about career shocks is present, little is known about the Covid-19 career shock and potential consequences for career development coming from it. This research aims to obtain a better understanding of how the covid-19 pandemic acts as a career shock for nurses in the Netherlands and examines the way this can be a possible source for decisions about their careers. The research answers the following research question: How does the Covid-19 crisis act as a career shock for nurses in the Netherlands and how do nurses in the Netherlands perceive this to affect their career paths? To answer the research question, this research uses a qualitative research design embracing the analysis of ten semi-structured interviews with nurses from different hospitals and care institutes from the Netherlands. The results show that uncertainty in work because of Covid- 19 impacts the nurses in a great way. On an individual level, individual competences, family situation and personal events turn out to determine the impact the Covid-19 career shock has on an individual. Moreover, the Covid-19 career shock initiates a thinking process about the job content and job values of nurses which turns out to be a source for potential career decisions.
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