Here for Her Health, and Earths’s Health? The identification and explanation of drivers and barriers towards Sustainable Waste management at the Oss site of pharmaceutical company Organon & Co.

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It is time that the pharmaceutical industry, responsible not only for the production of medicines, but also for the discovery, development, and research of these pharmaceuticals and in helping its patients and the involved healthcare systems to get access to the rightful products, get involved in the sustainability debate. In this research, the sustainable waste management practices of pharmaceutical company Organon & Co., specifically the Organon Oss site, will be discussed. Possible drivers and barriers towards sustainable waste management will be identified and through a combined SWOT/ PESTLE analysis, recommendations will be made. It is time that the pharmaceutical industry, the Organon Oss site as part of it, takes responsibility for its substantial resource use and waste generation. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven humanity’s dependency to pharmaceutical products, therefore the industry should invest in becoming future-proof, robust and conscious of its impacts. By looking into ‘leadership’, ‘company’s culture’, ‘business case’, ‘employee engagement’, ‘corporate exposure and reputation’, ‘stakeholder expectations’, ‘regulatory pressure’ and ‘social legitimacy’, the current sustainable waste management practices will be disclosed and reviewed. Key words: Sustainability; Sustainable Waste Management; Pharmaceutical Industry; Environment; Corporate Sustainability; Drivers; Barriers; Organon & Co. In order to obtain this thesis, one can send an email to:
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