The Moon on a Stick: Having Multiple Jobs for Career Development

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In a labour market that is subject to change due to the demand for more flexibility and increasing competition, multiple job holders are a growing group of workers. An area of the research field on multiple job holders which is somewhat underexplored, is the motive of career development, also referred to as the heterogeneous job hypothesis. In order to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of multiple job holding, the heterogeneous job hypothesis is further explored in the present study by means of a mixed methods research design. After collecting data by means of a questionnaire, the results show no strong significant differences between the distinguished groups for their demographics, motives and personality traits. However, the findings do show strong similarities between the different distinguished groups. The analysis of the interviews supports the finding of strong similarities between the groups, as all participants describe similar personal resources, which are reflected in their well-developed self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resilience. These well-developed personal resources explain why these workers are open to and consider holding multiple jobs. Workers who have better equipped personal resources are better able to craft their job resources, which results in a better person-environment fit.
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