"The ‘First Climate Change War’ or not? Analysing the science-policy gap on the climate-conflict nexus in the case of Darfur between 2003 and 2022"

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In recent decades the so-called climate-conflict nexus – the relationship between climate change and conflict - has received considerable attention in academic literature. Despite the increasing scientific knowledge on the topic, there is less clarity if this knowledge reaches the policy makers working on areas in which such a nexus is assumed to exist This thesis explores the state of academic discussion on the role of climate change in conflict, and looks at the extent to which the analysis of policymakers has adopted the analysis of scientists. This is done through a case study of academic and practitioner on the role of climate change in the Darfur conflict, and the extent to which the latter corresponds to the former. The methodological approach applied is Critical Discourse analysis, in which the causal pathways for the outbreak of violent conflict in Darfur, as described and mentioned in the academic literature and the policy reports will be identified and coded. Finally, when comparing the results from both analysis it appears that there is still quite a considerable gap – although this gap is getting smaller over the years - between the scientific evidence on and assessment of the climate-conflict nexus and what the policy reports mention and aim at in their reports. Key words : climate-conflict nexus – science-policy gap – knowledge sharing – research uptake
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