The dative and progressive in the Moroccan Arabic of Heritage speakers in the Netherlands.

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Heritage language research is a relatively new field of research in which the speech of heritage speaker is examined from different angles. This thesis provides a small example of how research on this topic can be done from the angle of formal linguistics by analysing the Moroccan Arabic as heritage language in the Netherlands. After a closer look at the characteristics of heritage languages in general and how and why they may be different from the native language in the country of origin, two languages phenomena were analysed: the use of the dative construction and the expression of aspect and progressive. The outcome shows that on some levels of the language changes can be discovered, but on others no significant differences will be found. While there is a significant change in word order, there seem to be no major changes in the aspectual system. The discussion of the data shows that several explanations can be found! for the differences in the data, and that the way the data is handled may also influence the outcome of the research.
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