Career development of young academics. The experiences of different actors within different organizational levels at the Radboud University on career developments practices targeted at young academics.

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This study researched how career related practices targeted at young academics are experienced by multiple actors on different levels within the Radboud University. This study was necessary since young academics’ career is characterised by insecurity and therefore it is important that they do get the required career support from a university. The following career practices were identified: the educational courses or training, a supervisor, organizational networks and the organizational environment. The career related practices were evaluated by gathering documents and doing interviews. The responses of different actors about career related practices were found to be inconsistent between or within the intended, actual and or perceived levels that are characterised by causal chain model of Nishii and Wright (2007). This study concludes that the effectiveness of the career practices within the university can be questioned when determined by the consistency of perceptions of actors across the levels as indicated in the causal chain model by Nishii and Wright (2007) since no consistent perception emerged. However, the practices are found to be effective enough when assessed through the coverage of experiences of young academics since no suggestions for additional practices were made.
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