Parity is not a quota: women's political representation : a case study of France

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Before diving into the topic of women’s representation in politics I would like to thank a few people that helped me throughout my master’s year and all along the writing of this research. First of all I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Monique Leyenaar for her great interest in my thesis topic, as well as her patience and her positivity in our meetings. She helped me a lot to find my way through thesis and to not get lost into details. I am thankful for the great support of my friend Alice Privey that has been by my side during my three years in Nijmegen and has always given me her unconditional support in any of my projects, including the realization of my master thesis. I would also like to thank all the friends, with who I could discuss my topic, who kept me company in the long hours in the library and distracted me when I needed a break. In no particular order: Sander van Dam, Hannah Ospina, Michiel van Gorp, Pieter Jacobs, Kristin Witte, Naomi Gilhuis, Soesja Schelling, Sebiha Ertemiz and Alexander Slivkov. Moreover, I would like to mention my parents Sylviane and Michel Bouquin who took great care to educate me on gender equality and encouraged me to write my thesis about this topic that passionate me. Finally, I must thank the Radboud University’s library for always having a free seat for me, providing me with more than enough amounts of sugar and coffee, as well as air conditioning in the last days.
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