Redevelopment guidelines for railway urban areas in satellite towns of Wroclaw Functional Area

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As train stations are recovering their role assuring livable urban conditions in many European cities, planning professionals are redirecting their efforts to the broader concept of railway urban areas to tackle not only urbanity issues, but also sustainability and connectivity demands. A dominant accountability has been placed on these areas in order to strategically interconnect satellite towns to the central city – an urban planning concept known as Functional Urban Areas. From this perspective, railway areas in the most important European cities are one of the critical frameworks to potentially steer urban development and prompt a wider range of externalities. Nevertheless, there is a substantial lack, in both practice and theoretical approaches, on how to apply similar strategies at local level in satellite towns outside the city. As well on how to improve urban development of railway urban areas through a combination of quantitative and qualitative strategies. The research follows this rationale to develop an inductive analysis of the current spatial planning framework of the railway urban areas located in the satellite towns of Wrocław Functional Area. Through the combination of methods and different layers of findings the research aims to elaborate a general strategic framework to improve the efficiency, competitiveness and overall urban quality of the railway urban areas.
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