More than JUST Socio-Ecological Transformation - Another World is POSSIBLE. Prefigurative practices and ethics of care in the environmen-tal resistance movement ‘Lützi’ and its potential for bottom-up socio-ecological transfor-mation. A participatory action research of the land occupation and resistance movement Lützerath (Lützi bleibt!) in Germany

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This research explores the potential of prefigurative caring practices, arising from the ethics of care and the notion of ‘caring with’ introduced by John Tronto (2013) in environmental resistance movements. We took a participatory action research approach focusing on an in-depth case study in Germany. The case under research is the land occupation in Lützerath Germany (Lützi bleibt!), which for many years has been part of the resistance against coal mining in Germany. This research assesses which prefigurative practices in relation to ethics of care are practiced within the movement and how these everyday practices potentially help to render a transition to a more socio-ecological just society. The research largely draws on a holistic worldview and emphasizes the relationality of all beings. The main learnings of this thesis were the insights into the Lützi movement’s everyday prefigurative lifestyle, which is the source of hope and motivation for many to continue in their fight for climate justice. The immense solidarity and interconnection of the alter-globalization movements and the transformative power Lützi has gained provides proof for the growing need for systematic change. Furthermore, the Lützi movement proved to be an attempt for reciprocity in care and strong potential for transformative learning.
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