Syriza and the Camouflage of Populism

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This thesis seeks to explore whether the discursive techniques that the Greek political party Syriza used between 2015 and 2019 in its discourses can be considered populist. An introductory section is given to the readers regarding the general outline of the thesis, the research puzzle and the sociopolitical conditions under which Syriza rose. The analysis then proceeds with the definitions of populism in the literature in order to introduce readers to this complex notion, followed by the antithesis in the opinions of authors regarding Syriza. The research tool that was used as a key method of analysis is content analysis expressed through the search for specific phrases, words and sentences in Syriza’s speeches. 11 official speeches by Syriza were randomly selected, after which the speeches were grouped into three categories: Group 0, 1 and 2. The non-populist, the slightly populist, and the fully populist speeches were the three groups that were being formed and analyzed, before answering the research question whether the discourses that Syriza uses are populist or not. The thesis ends with the concluding remarks and includes discussions and further future limitations regarding this scientific topic. This thesis will contribute to the current academic debate regarding populism within Syriza through its analysis, and provide an answer to the question if Syriza can be considered populist or not.
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