Mastering social entrepreneurial competencies: a requirement for success?

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There has been a big increase in social enterprises over the past years, which makes this phenomenon interesting for academics. Social entrepreneurs want to achieve two instead of one goal and entrepreneurial competencies appear to influence the feasibility of these goals. Since social entrepreneurs strive for two goals, the required competencies may differ from competencies that are useful for traditional entrepreneurs. The goal of this study is to figure out to what extend the competencies ‘interpersonal communication skills’, ‘managing financial capital’, and ‘the ability to challenge traditional ways of thinking’ influence the feasibility of the two social entrepreneurial goals ‘financially self-sustainable’ and ‘creation of social value’. The results of this study show that all three competencies have, either directly or indirectly, a positive influence on the feasibility of the two social entrepreneurial goals. According to some respondents, the balance between investing in the organization and impact activities was sometimes hard to manage. Furthermore, social entrepreneurs mentioned that education on social entrepreneurship for students and education on business administration for social entrepreneurs could be very useful. Researchers, social entrepreneurs and governments can use this study for further research, personal development, and social entrepreneurship related developments.
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