Co-creation as an instrument used for regional planning . Analyzing the implementation of co-creation within regional planning processes and the transferability of this instrument

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Demographic developments and the planning of spatial topics ask for more flexible, communicative and cooperative regional planning instruments. First examples of cooperative, communicative and open regional planning can be identified in the province of Gelderland and the district council of Düsseldorf. The province of Gelderland implemented the instrument of cocreation during the composing of the “omgevingsvisie”. The district council of Düsseldorf has introduced an informal participation process within the “Regionalplan” procedure. The use of cocreation within regional planning is rather new in the regional planning field. Aim of this research is the analysis of the implementation and transferability of co-creation. This research reveals that the planning culture and planning system are essential, analytical aspects for a successful implementation of co-creation. The planning system needs to provide statutory provisions which enable a creative and cooperative regional planning approach. Aspects of the planning culture which are important for co-creation are communication, collaboration and transparent information. Also the manner of working of public officials plays a key role in the implementation of co-creation. Co-creation asks for a different manner of working which can be characterized as proactive, open, peoplecentric and communicative.
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