he effect of emoji use on customer satisfaction for different digital touchpoints”

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Emotional connections are very important during customer-firm interactions on different touchpoints. What firms could do to establish these emotional connections in online settings is by using emojis. Recent studies have shown that customer satisfaction is perceived differently per touchpoint and emoji use by online service employees is perceived differently in terms of customer satisfaction for different situations. The research objective for this study was to find out if the effectiveness of the use of emojis on customer satisfaction differs for different digital touchpoints’ chats. Therefore, the study focused on the following main question: What is the effect of emoji use on customer satisfaction for different digital touchpoints’ chats? This was tested by means of a between-subjects experiment including two types of digital touchpoints (a website live chat and a social media chat - Facebook Messenger) whereby either a chat was shown that included emojis or did not include emojis. The topic in the chat was about a customers’ complaint about a disfunctional television. The analysis of the results was done with a factorial ANOVA. First of all, the results showed a non-significant effect between emoji use and customer satisfaction for the two different digital touchpoints. This means that the effect of emoji use on customer satisfaction is not depended on the type of digital touchpoint. Besides that finding, two significant effects were found. First of all, website live chats contribute to more satisfaction than social media chats do. Secondly, emoji use negatively affects customer satisfaction (when the topic of conversation is a complaint). Potential areas for future research are: testing the effect of different types of emojis on customer satisfaction and testing more digital touchpoints than Facebook Messenger and website live chats.
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