Adaptive Capacity of the Overdiepse Polder

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Climate change is predicted to increase flood risk of rivers. The Room for the River project Overdiepse Polder is aimed to anticipate this change. The development process fits within the approach of integrated water resource management (IWRM) because farms are built on mounds in close cooperation with the local inhabitants. This is a relatively new approach, leading to problems for existing institutional structures. The goal of this research is to examine the adaptive capacity of the institutions involved in this project. The dimensions learning and leadership of the Adaptive Capacity Wheel (ACW) are used. Besides qualitative substantiations scores between -2 and +2 are given to eight criteria of the dimensions. Data are obtained by secondary documents and interviews with key stakeholders. As a result, the effect of learning on the adaptive capacity of the Overdiepse Polder is found to be slightly positive (+0,6). The effect of leadership is also slightly positive for the adaptive capacity (+1). This thesis recommends the application of the ACW. The separation of the analysis of interviews and secondary documents is found to be not necessary. The expansion of the assessment by the remaining dimensions is recommended. Finally, practitioners of water management should make an effort to improve on the criteria of the ACW.
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