A basket full of Poland with a taste of shopping desire and imagination of Europe: A study on Kaliningrad cross-border shopping in the Polish Tri-city

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The vast increase of Kaliningrader border-crossings due to the Small-border traffic regulation for shopping and leisure purposes is a recent phenomenon in Poland. The Kaliningrader neighbors have reached the Tri-city consisting of the cities, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot in large numbers to shop in Western-styled shopping centers. This paper intends to describe the Kaliningrader identity, the mobility, in how far people are aware of the shopping facilities of the Tri-city and the motivations of Kaliningraders to come to the Tri-city. Since Kaliningrader cross-border shopping is a novelty, this research attempts to shed light on the Kaliningrader cross-border shopper in a descriptive way. Questionnaires and observations serve as tools for understanding the Kaliningrader client. The Chi-square test examines the motivational factors of Kaliningraders. The research reveals that the identity and characteristics of Kaliningraders help Kaliningraders to feel well in the Tri-city surroundings and make them mobile. A significance of the analyzed motivation factors could be discovered on the price level and the larger product and service assortment. Keywords: Tri-city, cross-border shopping, Kaliningrader identity, (un)familiarity, (im)mobility
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