Developing positive learning climate within a learning community

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Purpose - The aim of this research is to investigate the development of a positive learning climate within a learning community and identify the factors that either facilitate or limit its formation. Design – Two qualitative research studies. Findings – Study 1 revealed differences between case A and cases B and C regarding communication, group formation, and attendance. Success factors in cases B and C included transparent communication, specific learning questions, and competent staff. In Study 2, a single case study identified facilitating factors in the learning community, such as shared interests, high-quality meetings, physical presence, trust, smaller groups, motivation, and diverse group dynamics. Limiting factors included unmet expectations, online participation, and a lack of theoretical frameworks and guidelines. Conclusion – The study concludes that positive learning climates in learning communities result from a combination of factors, including participant recruitment, physical meetings, effective online communication, shared interests, engaging content, trust, group cohesion, diverse dynamics, and motivation. However, limitations like limited interaction and unmet expectations need to be addressed for further enhancement. The study offers practical implications for practitioners and educators to design effective learning programs. Future research should replicate the study on a larger scale.
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