Leefbaarheid in Waalsprong, de VINEX locatie in Nijmegen

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The research is about the subjective liveability in the VINEX-area of Nijmegen, Nijmegen Waalsprong (which consists of two areas, Lent and Oosterhout). The ‘Vierde Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening Extra’ (VINEX) is a policy which led to the construction of new neighborhoods. VINEX has certain views on how to create a good living environment. The main views concern areas of mobility, basic values of a living area and housing composition. This research assesses how the inhabitants experience the liveability in their living area and if the views from the VINEX-policy have a positive influence on the experienced liveability of the inhabitants of Waalsprong. According to this research, the inhabitants of VINEX-neighborhood Waalsprong are satisfied with the liveability within their neighborhood. Waalsprong. The social cohesion and safety in Nijmegen Waalsprong can be seen as good. The quality of the living environment is lacking a bit, especially in Waalsprong Lent. The concepts derived from the VINEX-policy also have an influence. Views concerning basic values of the living area have a big positive influence on the experienced liveability. Views concerning mobility don’t live up to the goals set at the time, although it has a small positive influence on the experienced liveability in Waalsprong.
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