The influence of working from home on employee’s intrapreneurial behavior Master Thesis – a quantitative study of the role of changing work environment on the relationship between leadership and intrapreneurial behavior

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What role does ‘working from home’ play in the relationship between transformational leadership (TL) and intrapreneurial behavior (IB)? Innovation and intrapreneurial behavior as a stimulating factor of it, is crucial for companies in order to survive in global competition. Although prior research has shown a positive association between perceived TL and an employee’s IB, it is critical to investigate this relationship in the changing work environment of today in which people work from home more frequently. To answer this question, this study carried out a survey within a company that is specialized in document solutions for whom innovation is of great importance due to changing demand. The results confirmed the positive impact of TL on IB, although it turned out that not all dimensions of TL have a positive effect; it is primarily a manager’s encouragement and recognition to his or her staff that leads to an increase in IB. In addition, the function level has been found to determine the extent to which someone exhibits IB. Working from home, on the other hand, has no impact on this relationship according to this study. Future research has to show whether a larger-scale study with a larger sample size will lead to the same results. It is also valuable to test the influence of other aspects related to the changed work environment. Nevertheless, this study emphasized the need for an appropriate leadership style to stimulate innovative actions from employees in a company.
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