Gaming for Intercultural Competence: An Explorative Study on the Relationship between Engaging with Video Games, Intercultural Contact while Playing and Engaging with Video Games, and Cultural Intelligence.

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Finding oneself involved in intercultural interactions has become a common occurrence for many people. This has caused the ability to navigate the multicultural world to become increasingly important. It is for this reason that research on Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which measures one’s ability to function effectively in multicultural interaction, has seen a steady increase in the past years. However, the field of research concerning CQ seems to have excluded important online contexts, which possess significant potential for intercultural contact. Not only has there been a steady increase in the use of social media networks by younger generations over the past years, playing and engaging with (online) video games has quickly become one of the most common leisure activities in the last decade. Its online nature allows for intercultural contact in informal contexts without the need of physically traveling abroad, from the comfort of one’s home. The research gap was addressed in this study, which found that engaging with video games in general can positively influence many aspects of CQ, while frequent intercultural contact while playing video games was found to positively one’s ability to plan for intercultural interactions.
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