Beyond numbers: Unveiling the art of cost recovery negotiating processes between the minicipality of Heerlen and Eindhoven

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In the current state of business, Dutch municipalities are financially struggling with structural financial problems. A reason for these problems could be the current Dutch land management strategy. This thesis describes the social-economic course of spatial planning. As most project developments are based on an anterior agreement, most projects will also have a negotiation process present regarding the cost recovery. The effectiveness of this planning tool is relatively unknown for most cases as there is also a lack of transparency within these negotiation processes. Using semi-structured interviews, it became evident that the theoretical view on this subject is too narrowed, focussing mostly on the cost-recovery. We can state that factors such as building programme and housing type for example, have a significant influence on the financial outcome of anterior agreements. The main factor that has been discovered, influencing these significant factors is political agenda. The complexity of negotiation processes and project dynamics must be taken into account within these agenda in order to understand and maybe solve the structural financial problems.
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