Turning tables for individual ambidextrous behaviour of employees? An empirical study of the effect of perceived job autonomy on the relationship between network closure and individual ambidextrous behaviour

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Social network is a confirmed antecedent of individual ambidexterity in the existing literature, and network closure has been proven to have a non-linear relationship with individual ambidextrous behaviour of employees, with information sharing as a key determinant. Covid-19 has swiftly converted the current work environment into a hybrid kind of working from home and working in the office, which affects the closeness of networks. As this is also a predictor of information sharing, the concomitant rise in perceived job autonomy may repair the potentially weakened relationship between network closure and individual ambidexterity. Consequently, the research question is: What is the impact of perceived job autonomy on the effect of network closure on individual ambidextrous behaviour ? This research question is addressed using a quantitative research technique involving a hierarchical regression technique. The data is acquired from a Dutch consulting firm, from which 43 respondents filled out the questionnaire. with the interaction between network closure and perceived job autonomy is found to have a linear relationship with individual ambidextrous behaviour, but there is no main effect between network closure and individual behaviour. This research finds that in the present, where a hybrid type of working is the norm, an employee must have both network closure and perceived job autonomy in order to show individual ambidextrous behaviour. Adding the concept of perceived job autonomy to the existing literature on individual ambidexterity from a network perspective, this study offers new insight to the theory. By merging these concepts, this research also sheds light on the sustainability of a hybrid work form.
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