Accessible mobility: Developing a mobility hub network in the municipality of Venlo

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Mobility hubs are a rising subject in the world of mobility, but they lack a clear definition or strategy. This research aims to create a strategy for the development of a mobility hub network. This research tries to base the networks’ strategy on the behavior of citizens’ daily commutes. Therefore, the following research question has been posed: What are the conditions and characteristics of potential hub locations in order to develop a mobility hub network in the municipality of Venlo? To answer this question, this research has mapped out all of the current mobility networks in the municipality. Also, characteristics of both locations and citizens in the municipality have been researched. These results were used in a participatory planning game, which aids in a development strategy for mobility hubs. Lastly, potential problems for mobility hub networks are elaborated upon. Most of the results are more descriptive, and explain how the current situation in the municipality of Venlo is. The results of the participatory planning game provide rules of thumb for the development of hubs. These include that younger population groups use hubs more often, as well as higher educated citizens. Working groups are expected to use the car more often.
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