Food waste reduction: bearing fruit already? The current state of food waste reduction in the Dutch hospitality sector

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The Dutch hospitality sector contributes to food waste. Organisations in this sector want to achieve a fast service for their customers and therefor, these organisations prepare stock. Due to inaccurate estimations on customers it is possible that organisations prepare too much stock. Also legislation and an expected growth in the Dutch hospitality sector results in more food waste. This thesis aims to provide an understanding of the current state of food waste reduction in the Dutch hospitality. Twelve different organisations in this sector were interviewed conducted for this thesis, which represent the Dutch hospitality sector. Observation and secondary analysis expand the understanding. Although the degree of implementation of food waste reductive processes varies among the organisations and the content and frequencies of these processes remain unclear, every organisation efforts to reduce food waste. The main factors that trigger the organisational innovation of processes regarding food waste reduction include cost savings, awareness and responsibility. Difficulties organisations encounter difficulties with implementation of innovative processes concern the service they want to offer the customers, instability and insecurity about the amount of food to prepare among employees and chefs, and the inaccurate estimations on expected customers.
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