Nature-based Solutions on flood risk policy in the Netherlands: how governance modes could lead to environmental (in)justice issues

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The concept of Nature-based Solutions is an upcoming topic in today’s world of spatial planning. Known for its multiple benefits, the popularity of the Nature-based Solution-concept is increasing worldwide. However, because of their powerful image, Nature-based Solutions tend to ignore their negative impacts on their implementation areas. Several scholars criticize the concept of Nature-based Solutions for the fact that it does not take into account the interests and values of relevant parties. This exclusion of parties can be due to a lack of 1) recognition of parties, 2) procedural involvement, and/or 3) an equal distribution of burdens and benefits of the project. As soon as a project excludes relevant actors in forms of at least one of these elements, environmental justice will be harmed. This research analyzes two different projects in which Nature-based Solutions are used to protect coastal areas in the Netherlands from erosion. The projects differ from each other based on their used governance structure. By conducting interviews and collecting data from documents, this research aims to investigate how governance structures may influence the environmental justice outcomes of implementations of Nature-based Solutions in the Dutch coastal area.
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