The automobile industry and its sustainable motivation

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The automobile industry has been in the news with the diesel scandal a few years ago. This resulted in a lack of trust of the consumers in the industry. This research has as aim to understand why the automobile industry is becoming more sustainable. Thus, the research question is, “What motivates DAF trucks N.V. to become more sustainable?”. First a literature review was done to understand the concepts. Second, documents, interviews, and informal conversations were analysed with the coding method to understand the reasons for DAF, the case study. 29 drivers were found to influence DAF, three types of drivers, and seven driver categories. The three types of drivers are direct, indirect, and in-between drivers. Of the direct drivers costs reduction, employee motivation, improving processes, and government regulations are the most mentioned ones. Governance regulations, customer wishes, and cost reduction are the biggest indirect drivers. And innovation, customer wishes, and costs reduction are the biggest in-between drivers. The categories of the conceptual framework were used to understand the findings better, and an additional category was discovered: socio-cultural drivers. In conclusion, the drivers of DAF are: eco-efficiency, pressure from governments/society, image, internal motivation, business model, resource scarcity, and socio-cultural drivers.
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