Participation and Integration in Climate Adaptation: Exploring the Participatory Approach and Integration of Climate Adaptation Policies

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The call for climate adaptation is severe with the warming climate already causing profound impacts. To take lasting measures Dutch municipalities choose an integrative and participatory approach to create a climate-proof environment. This research explores the added value of this participatory and integrative approach. This study contains a multiple case study design with the Dutch urban municipalities Zwolle, The Hague and Tilburg as cases. Moreover, it includes a qualitative approach through the use of document analysis and semi-structured interviews with experts and civil servants. Participation sets stakeholders in motion. Essential is matching your process with the dominant discourse and gain local knowledge in order to improve the design. Due to the cyclical feature of the risk dialogue and the increasing presence of participation processes in spatial planning, stakeholder engagement becomes a vital aspect in the relation between government and society. Integrating climate adaptation in other domains creates win-win situations. Prior to integrating climate adaptation in other domains of the municipality, it is necessary to raise the internal awareness. Focussing on tacking along with other transitions is vital for the policy area of climate adaptation. Crucial is the presence of a driving transitions connected to the local or regional needs.
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