Eenheid in verscheidenheid? Een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden voor het uitvoeren van een studie naar de concurrentiekracht van de agrobusiness in de grensregio Venlo / Niederrhein

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Clustering processes have become more and more important over the last couple of years. In the concept of Michael Porter, clusters are the general way to come to competitive advantages of nations and regions. Enterprises which are part of such a cluster will come to competitive advantages through the importance of geographical nearness and the support of networks and other enterprises in their product chain. Taking part in a cluster will further enhance their ability to innovate, which again will strengthen their competitive advantages. The concept of Porter is mostly applied to national and regional level and to homogeneous branches. In this pre-research the possibilities are researched to apply the Porter concept to the Dutch / German cross border region of Venlo / Niederrhein concerning the agribusiness branch. The goal is to come to points of attention for better cross border collaboration between Venlo and Niederrhein and thereby contribute to the future development of the region. To find the points of attention, several steps were made: analyzing the Porter concept, visualizing concerned product chains, analyzing the quantitative data situation and gathering qualitative information through expert interviews. The focus hereby was on the horticulture (open as well as under glass) and the trading of the products. This pre-research does not give direct action recommendations for decision makers but comes up with the earlier mentioned points of attention.
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