A Multinational Corporation and its Climate Change Strategies Through an Institutional Perspective

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Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time which includes the climate actions of firms. Businesses worldwide implement climate strategies which can be divided into climate mitigation and climate adaptation. However, the reasons behind the decisions of what type of climate strategy to follow are under researched, but important for policy makers to address further climate actions. Therefore, the underlying research question gives an answer to the effects of coercive pressures and climate awareness on the climate strategies of MNCs. A longitudinal qualitative case study is conducted of a MNC and its results show that regulations dictate the priority of the climate strategy implemented which speeds up the transition towards climate neutrality. Moreover, policies enhance the awareness of a firm in regard to climate issues that are neglected, such as climate adaptation, ensuring overall climate actions. Furthermore, the study identified a broad range of climate measures which support and allow synergies to be created. The results implicate that regulators are able to guide and aid firms in implementing climate strategies, but further actions towards climate adaptation is necessary. The thesis has limitations due to its nature of the research design.
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