Sustainability in and around the household. Employing an individual and practice perspective to better understand the uptake of sustainability in daily routines

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This master’s thesis looks at sustainability in daily household routines with a focus on those who acknowledge the necessity of a sustainable society. It does this by employing practice theory (model by Shove et al., 2012) on two contextual perspectives: the routine context, which looks at different kinds of household routines (such as food or washing routines), what elements they consist of, and the temporal and spatial context in which they are performed; and the sustainable disposition, which highlights the possible perspectives an individual may have on sustainability and their personal role therein. The results find three main sustainable perspectives, roughly defined as going from a little interested -, to normatively interested -, to very interested in sustainability. But, for all perspective counts – although to different extents, that while sustainability is considered important and urgent overall, there are two main barriers. One is that some core elements (meanings) of daily routines oppose the inclusion of sustainable elements. The other is that there is a lack of competences (knowledge, feedback and know-how) that prevents sustainability from being implemented in many daily routines.
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