The Economy of Contentment : Exploring the entrepreneurial perception of economic growth in a multi-scalar spectrum : An ethnographic portrait of the Tambal Ban in Surabaya, Indonesia

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This study deals with the position of the individual, urban and informal entrepreneur in contemporary Indonesian economic systems. These are linked to multi-scalar economic developments. Ever since the global financial crisis in 2008, the world is again reminded that their economic systems can fail. The terms ‘economic’, followed by ‘crises’, became trending topics in the mass media on various scale levels. Despite the multiplicity of interpretation of these two terms it reached almost everybody who had access to some form of media. To use the words of John O’Sullivan (2004, p. 69): “No one, I imagine, will dispute we are living in a time of global crisis”. He argues that regardless of any form of understanding, people are attentive to the mass media when a global economic crisis is signalized. Notice here, he does not dictate that people in the global community are directly affected or personally involved when the news of the phenomenon global crisis enters their minds, rather they become aware of its existence and try to place it in context. Thereby basically suggesting that people try to make sense of it in their own cognitive world of reference. Here, sense making is nothing more than an interpretation of an individual. This idea of understanding is a leading and fundamental concept throughout this thesis; one’s personal perception of the economy.
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