Framing the Paris Attacks: A comparative research on framing in French and Dutch newspapers.

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Framing, in the context of news stories, mainly concerns the way an issue is defined or problematized, by selecting certain aspects of a perceived reality. Frames provide a context through which the receiver can interpret a story, and as a consequence, can even influence audience perception and judgement. The purpose of this study is to explore the frames that have been used by Dutch and French newspapers in their reporting of the Paris Attacks of 13 November 2015, bearing in mind the possible influence of cultural perspectives, cross-national differences and proximity on the framing of a highly emotionally charged event like a terrorist attack. A qualitative research revealed the most salient frames that were used in the reporting, namely the western values frame, the human impact frame, the war frame, the unprecedented frame, the crime frame and the responsibility frame. The results of the quantitative content analysis of 60 articles revealed no significant differences in the use of these frames between the Dutch and the French newspapers. This study offers a unique insight into the use of frames concerning the attacks and concludes with some possible steps for further research.
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