Is AI the future for recruitment: AI applications in recruitment organizations? The current state of AI and the attitudes of recruitment organizations

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The aim of this study is to analyze the current state of AI in the recruitment industry and to ascertain the attitudes of recruitment organizations towards AI applications within the recruitment process. In addition, potential drivers, and challenges for adopting AI applications in the recruitment process have been investigated. This research, based on the theoretical framework, data for interviews, and interpretation, concludes that most recruitment organizations have implemented some form of AI in the beginning phases of the recruitment process, for example by using chat or call robots. Recruitment organizations are actively looking for ways to implement AI applications further throughout the recruitment process, by experimenting, creating new ventures, or talking to experts. This is supported by the positive attitudes of recruitment organizations towards AI applications in the recruitment process. However, recruitment organizations are still experimenting with the use of AI in other parts of the recruitment process. Most recruitment companies are using AI applications in the early stages of the recruitment process. Here, AI applications assist with funneling and screening large amounts of candidates for example.
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