Feyenoord City: A Clash Between Economy and Sentiment? A case study on discourse used by fans regarding the plans for a new Feyenoord stadium

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For a lot of sport fans, the stadium of their favourite team is a building of big significance. Stadium relocation projects are therefore planning issues with big societal impact. Which is also the case for the Feyenoord City plans in Rotterdam. Fan-protests against the plans have escalated fiercely, in a manner not seen before in Europe. Which provokes the question: what sets the case of Feyenoord apart from other stadium relocation projects? The goal of this research is to find the reasons behind the disparity between Feyenoord and other cases, regarding the fierceness and the perseverance of the resistance against the plans. Via the following research question: “What are the reasons for the widespread opposition against the building of the new Feyenoord stadium?” By the means of a content analysis, discourse within the online fan community FR12 has been analysed, and compared to similar cases via a literature research, contextualised using Habermas theory Colonisation of Lifeworld. The analysis has showed that in Feyenoord’s case, no common acknowledgement on the economic rationality of the relocation has been reached. Leaving space for a large group of Feyenoord Fans to question the degree in which a move is desirable, upholding the fierce protests.
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