Sensemaking in teams The sensemaking process that occurs within a team and the role of the team policy in this sensemaking process

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This research argues that team sensemaking is more critical than individual sensemaking for organizations since team sensemaking may have a larger contribution to organizational failures than individual sensemaking. Team sensemaking indicates that the collective sense that occurs within a team is executed by multiple team members and made through the interactions between these team members. The aim of this thesis is to explore team sensemaking processes and explore the role of a team policy in the sensemaking process of the team members. This has been explored by a qualitative case study in which interviews were conducted with team members of team Neighborhoods at municipality Tilburg and by analyzing the team policy document. The results illustrate an interplay between the static team policy document and the dynamic collective sensemaking process which occurs through interactions between the team members and colleagues. The team policy document is a static record from ongoing team sensemaking processes. The fact that the decisions made by the team members are written down provides guidance for the team members in their future sensemaking and decision-making processes.
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