Climate services for flood risk management: Climate services usage by water authorities in the Netherlands and their German counterparts in the border region to adapt to flooding: A case study

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Flood events will increase in frequency and intensity due to climate change. To deal with these flood events, flood risk management (FRM) is needed. To support FRM, a decision support system in the form of a climate service can be used. This study looked at the use of climate services for FRM in the case of water authorities in the East of the Netherlands and bordering German regions. The study compared FRM, the characteristics of the climate services, the use of climate services for FRM and the usability gaps in this use of the Dutch and German water authorities. This was done through policy documents and through interviews with key experts from the water authorities. The study found that there are differences in how flood risk management is organised in the two countries, but that overall the use of climate services is not hindered in many ways. One area where climate services could be improved is for the use by citizens. A recommendation for the practice of cross-border cooperation with flood risk management is to produce and use climate services not bound by administrative borders, but by geophysical borders, such as river basins.
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