Efficacy Phrases in Middle English Medical and Culinary Recipes

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An efficacy phrase is a phrase that occurs at the end of a recipe and attests to the value of a recipe. There has been some research into this type of phrase in medical recipes, but not for culinary recipes. Medical and culinary recipes are generally regarded as being two versions of the same text-type, a recipe, but are almost always studied separately. The theory on efficacy phrases that has previously been outlined for medical recipes was applied to culinary recipes, and the term was found to be inadequate. Many culinary recipes had phrases that looked like efficacy phrases, but did not attest to the value of the recipe, or were not positioned at the very end of a recipe. Furthermore, the existing theory did not sufficiently cover all medical recipes, as many had a phrase that should be classed as an efficacy phrase, but would not be when using the current definition. Therefore, the term efficacy phrase should be both renamed and redefined, in order to make the term applicable to both medical and culinary recipes.
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