Flooding or sinking: immigrant framing and Dutch visa- and admission policies

dc.contributor.advisorMelis, K.
dc.contributor.authorCramwinckel, Julia
dc.description.abstractThis bachelor-thesis examens the influence of political and public debates concerning immigrants and immigration on the constructing of visa- and admission policies in the Netherlands throughout history. It does so by focussing on the different frames that have emerged since 1813 and the particular framing-techniques that have been used for the construction of these frames. In general there can be concluded that some debates are re-occuring and are thus less bounded to specific geopolitical, social and economic context or events. There are also new debates on the rise, such as the terrorism debate that might determine the future of visa- and admission policies. Furthermore there has been a shift in importance from the political towards the public debates, due to a rise of social media platforms. Yet it is not only the debates itself that change, but also the techniques that are used to frame the immigrants, as visual imaginary has started to play a bigger role. As a policy maker, one must be aware of these developments, as their decisions determine the future of the many who are on the move.en_US
dc.thesis.facultyFaculteit der Managementwetenschappenen_US
dc.thesis.specialisationBachelor Geografie, Planologie en Milieuen_US
dc.thesis.studyprogrammeBachelor Geografie, Planologie en Milieuen_US
dc.titleFlooding or sinking: immigrant framing and Dutch visa- and admission policiesen_US
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