Less is more? The influence of number of COO markers on ad effectiveness: a cross-national experiment.

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the influence of number of country-of-origin markers in an ad on ad effectiveness and to check for possible differences of German and Dutch consumer responses. Research on the effectiveness of multiple COO cues seems to be lacking, however, the use of more than one COO marker can be observed in real-life advertising. Furthermore, no comparison Germans and Dutch seems to have been done in the COO context. In a between-subjects design, Dutch or German participants were shown ads with either one, two or three COO markers, and consumer responses on product attitude, perceived quality, purchase intention and ad attitude were collected by means of an online questionnaire. Results showed no difference in effect of number of COO cues on product attitude, perceived quality, and purchase intention for both Dutch and Germans. Moreover, no difference between nationality on consumer response was found in general. Ad attitude was generally higher for three COO marker ads than for one COO marker ads, but whether this effect was exclusively due to the number of COO markers remains doubtful. Additional analyses found effects of product liking on ad effectiveness.
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