The effect of the Covid pandemic on the satisfaction with democracy

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The Covid pandemic that became active in Europe in 2020 challenged European countries in an unprecedented way. National governments had to take firm measures to reduce the number of infections with this highly contagious virus. The measures taken by the governments had direct impact on the day-to-day lives of civilians. This thesis investigates what effect the Covid pandemic has on the satisfaction with democracy. Moreover this thesis looks into determinants of satisfaction with democracy and how these determinants change in times of a crisis. To answer these questions a multilevel ordinal logistic model is used to analyse Eurobarometer data between 2011 and 2020. This thesis finds that at the short run there is no significant effect of the Covid pandemic on the satisfaction with democracy, the effects on the long run need to be researched further. Furthermore, this thesis finds that the institutional quality, personal political views and personal situation have an effect on the satisfaction with democracy. The occurrence of a (health) crisis has implications on the importance of personal finances, they become less important. Also the political interest of civilians is an important factor to satisfaction with democracy in times of crisis.
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