The Double-Edged Sword of CSR Communication: A study of a truthful and complete CSR communication strategy for Nestlé’s Income Accelerator Program

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This study examined how Nestlé can improve the CSR communication strategies for their CSR initiative 'Income Accelerator Program' into a truthful and complete strategy. The research used a qualitative case study with Nestlé as the main empirical case and Tony's Chocolonely as a contrast case. The results show that Tony's Chocolonely has a more truthful and complete CSR communication strategy because it focuses on stakeholder management (constitutive approach), while Nestlé primarily aims to build a better reputation through its communication (functionalistic approach). Nestlé must improve its strategy to reach the desired CSR outcomes of knowledge, trust, and engagement. Nestlé should add more facts and shortcomings of the program in their messages. Moreover, Nestlé must solely use Dutch words and explain non-daily terms in their messages. These aspects increase the knowledge of the program. In addition, Nestlé should adopt brand and packaging communication and use a non-paid marketing strategy. This enables to gain more trust. Finally, Nestlé must create a more specific branding strategy that ensures better engagement among consumers. These modifications will lead to a better reputation, but more importantly, it also increases sustainable cocoa consumption and ensures more financial funding is available for successfully implementing the CSR program.
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