Governing green cities, exploring governing strategies for mainstreaming Dutch nature-based solutions

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As climate changes, Dutch cities are increasingly threatened by its consequences; rainfall will intensify, temperatures and sea levels will rise and longer periods of drought will occur. This raises the need for both climate adaptation and sustainable development. One method that can contribute to this sustainable development is the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in the local urban context. NBS make use of both green and blue aspects of nature to solve (impending) social, economic and environmental issues, while triggering social and technological innovation in cities, further stimulating urban sustainable development. However, the level of mainstreaming NBS is still running behind. Therefore, this research identifies the most suitable governing strategies for a government stakeholder for the purpose of mainstreaming climate adaptation and mitigation measures in the form of NBS. Survey analysis from almost 200 NBS initiatives throughout the Netherlands revealed that governing through the use of networks best guarantees the mainstreaming of NBS, mainly due to increased amounts of resources, the need for accountability and the transmittance of ideas. Specifically, these factors can positively influence the spatial scale, formulation of more ambitious goals and plans and contribution of knowledge.
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