To what extent do visual markers influence the recall and persuasiveness of environmental advertisements?

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Argumentation is a vital tool used in contemporary society to help us to reach conclusions and resolve disaccord over the truth fairly and accurately. Respectively, the function of an argument is to persuade. In order to further understand the notion of persuasion, examining the way arguments are structured and organized can underline how the persuasive power of an argument can be enhanced. Signaling is a device that can be employed to develop the structure and organization of arguments, and visual structure is a type of signaling device which makes up the arrangement and presentation of information. Consequently, the current investigation aims to examine to what extent the visual structure of arguments influences the recall and persuasiveness of environmental advertisements. The study does so by examining how three different visual structures, comprising of paragraphs, bulleted lists, and numbered lists, can influence the recall and persuasiveness of environmental advertisements. The respondents were presented one of the three conditions and asked to answer a survey which measured recall and persuasiveness. The results displayed that text structure of arguments had a significant impact on recall. However, text structure of arguments did not have a significant influence on persuasiveness.
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