The delivery of patient-centred healthcare: A plan evaluation assessed from a sociotechnical perspective. A qualitative study on the extent to which the proposed organizational structure enables the delivery of patient-centred healthcare at the Amalia kinderziekenhuis.

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This research provides a plan evaluation of the proposed organizational structure of a child hospital which aims to enable the delivery of patient-centred healthcare. In order to execute the plan evaluation, two gaps were investigated: 1) the gap between the interpretation of patient-centred healthcare according to literature and the plan of the child hospital and 2) the gap between structural characteristics based on literature and the proposed organizational structure according to the plan. Patient-centred healthcare is described by means of seven topics with a corresponding norm value. Moreover, four structural characteristics with a corresponding norm value are developed which are based on the Sociotechnical Design Theory (1994). This theory is complemented by theories which focus on organizational design in the healthcare context. Data was collected in order to obtain a comprehensive insight about the proposed plan. Consequently, the discrepancy between the established norm values and the values of the plan were indicated. To be concluded, the first gap did not show a notable discrepancy, but the second gap showed a high discrepancy. Therefore, the proposed organizational structure inhibits the potential to enable the delivery of patient-centred healthcare. Recommendations were provided in order to improve the proposed organizational structure.
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