The private and the public game: a focus on the innovation processes inside the U.S. space sector

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This research explores the innovation process inside the US Space sector. It does it by inquiring about the economic and social partnership that is taking place between the private sector, in the form of commercial companies, and the government that participates in the industry under the condition of research organizations and state institutions. After an introduction, chapter 1 presents the research question. To better investigate, the research question is broken down into five sub-question, each based on a core element of investigation of the research, respectively: (i) motivation; (ii) strategy; (iii) competition; (iv) organization; and (v) funding; the chapter continues by presenting the conceptual and analytical framework that the research follows. Chapter 2 summarizes the current views of the innovation process with investments. Chapter 3 is a literature review on the state of the art of the US Space sector from an economic perspective. Chapter 4 describes the thesis's operationalization, while chapter 5 presents the main results from the two studies. Chapter 6 is the conclusion chapter. The research makes conclusions and answers by adopting a triangulation methodology between the quantitative, the qualitative, and the literature review. To conclude, policy recommendations and reflections on the work are made.
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