Mobile Tour Guiding and tourist experience: An analysis of reviews for Rick Steves' Audio Europe App

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Motivated by our growing connections to our phones and the unique media that populates them, this thesis is an investigation into the relationship between app use and tourist experience in Europe. This study investigates tourist experience regarding the use of a mobile tour guiding app, focused on the Rick Steves’ Audio Europe app as a case study. Utilizing app reviews as a primary source, quantitative and qualitative methods will combine, aided by the qualitative analysis program Atlas.ti, to develop an understanding of experience based on users own words. Star ratings will briefly be discussed before the bulk of the research delves into the written reviews collected from the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores. Employing a grounded content analysis, codes will be extracted from the data and compared to isolate patterns and commonalities in the reviews. Finally, a handful of reviews will be evaluated using a discursive and deconstructive method to both showcase and analyze reviews in their entirety. This thesis will be presented in a straightforward format, beginning with a brief introduction before the first chapter, Status Quaestionis, delves into the scholarly literature on the various subjects that influence this investigation. After establishing a base with a literature review, the methodology and frameworks employed will be detailed in the second chapter before an in depth analysis of the reviews is conducted through varied research techniques. Findings revealed in the research will be detailed, concentrating on the main and sub- questions of this study in the fourth chapter, before a conclusion offering a summary of the project.
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