The transition to a circular economy - the role of circular champions

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In this qualitative research, the question of what role circular champions play in the transition to a circular economy within an organization or sector in the Netherlands is answered. Circular champions agree about the fact that the necessity for the planet to change to a more sustainable, circular economy is big. Common characteristics between all circular champions are their intrinsic motivation to contribute to the transition to a circular economy and their courage. A distinction can be made between three kinds of circular champions: preachers, entrepreneurs, and reformers. All circular champions agree that cooperation and transparency are essential for being successful as a circular champion. Preachers furthermore need people around them who are or become enthusiastic, entrepreneurs need network and collaboration build on trust, for reformers space to try, develop and fail is crucial. For preachers and entrepreneurs, the main strategy is to gain attention and support, reformers mostly focus on linking and relational management strategies. Preachers contribute to the transition to a circular economy through exchanging knowledge. The contribution of entrepreneurs is in their entrepreneurship and in breaking through resistance. Reformers play an important role in the development and exchange of knowledge, and in breaking through resistance.
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