Motivation out of stock? A diagnosis of part time store employee motivation at Albert Heijn

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As where motivated employees are essential for achieving organizational goals, Albert Heijn currently experiences some concerns with regards to their part time store employees. By examining both the organizational structure, as well as the degree of work motivation of part time store employees, aimed is at getting to know whether there is a lack of motivation among part time store employees at Albert Heijn, and trying to find out whether the organizational structure has an effect on this employee motivation. In order to diagnose the organizational structure, a sociotechnical systems design approach by De Sitter (2000) was adopted, using the design parameters. This study entails a practice-based research, diagnosis the organizational structure. To achieve this, several semi-structured interviews were conducted with part time store employees from multiple Albert Heijn stores. High degrees of specialization of operational tasks, as for separation of operational and regulatory tasks have the biggest impact on the work of the part time store employees. It is argued that this also affected their motivation to a certain extent. Recommendations for possible redesign, as well as for further research are given.
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