An Experimental Study of Online Boundary Management Behaviors on Respect, Relatedness and Accepting a Facebook Friend Request, affected by Organizational Culture.

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Social media use among employees is increasing, which may cause a collision of one’s personal and professional identity. A theoretical framework was created to describe the consequences of employees’ behavior online, but no experimental research has been conducted. The purpose of the current study was to examine if an employee’s online boundary management behaviors (Content or Hybrid) had an effect on how this employee was evaluated by colleagues in terms of respect, a sense of relatedness and the willingness to accept this employee as a friend on Facebook and if these relationships were affected by organizational culture. Specifically, two different scenarios and Facebook profile pages were created displaying either Content or Hybrid boundary management behaviors. Participants were asked to evaluate the employee based on this. Both participants working in a strong informal or formal organizational culture res! pected th e employee more than participants scoring low on either one of these cultures. In addition, participants working in a strong informal organizational culture felt more related to the employee and were more willing to accept him as a friend on Facebook than participants working in a less informal organizational culture. These findings suggest organizational culture is an important factor to take into account whilst applying the theoretical framework.
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